Therapy Services

Individual Therapy

Exploring emotions, building insight, and developing interpersonal skills are the hallmarks of individual therapy (for children, teens, and adults of all ages). Providing a safe, validating, and empathic setting can be essential for individuals to better understand themselves and empower them to face the world!

Play Therapy

Children are not able to express their inner world as clearly as teens or adults can. To better understand underlying issues, our clinicians use various techniques in play therapy (including sand tray, art, and games), to develop essential coping skills, provide attunement, and promote expression of internal struggles.

Parent – Child Dyad Therapy

Sometimes it can feel like you and your child/infant have a very different understanding of the world. Perhaps this may be causing difficulties in attachment or bonding with your child/infant. Dyad therapy can help both parent and child develop healthy attachments by developing diverse ways of communicating and
relating to one another.

Parent Work

Child rearing is intense work and sometimes parents need a place to feel empowered and validated. Our clinicians work with parents of children who may or may not be in therapy already. We help parents develop treatment goals for their child, develop in-home behavior modification guidelines, and help process day-to-day difficulties or questions that parents may face.

Family Therapy

In family therapy, our clinicians help families develop communication skills and better ways of relating to one another. By using various psycho-therapeutic techniques, we help families unearth underlying issues that may be impacting the family system.